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Cover by Cat-Of-Energy

I have published my first work on Amazon Kindle.

It's a trio of short stories about teenagers who find themselves in mortal danger and fight their way free. All the illustrations are done by me and I'll be uploading them slowly here and on my art Tumblr.

I'd appreciate it if you guys would go read it. Thanks. <3
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J. Story
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Exstremely boreing life. Lead to an overactive imagination. 8th grade: Suddenly can write. Now that's all I ever seem to do.


Girl In The Field by Cat-Of-Energy
Girl In The Field
A quick sketch I did for fun. No real meaning other then to be a much needed exercise. The shading is different then usual and I really like it. The background came out out fantastic, I'm quite proud of myself.

Tumblr Post

Art belongs to me
Ivan crouched by Cat-Of-Energy
Ivan crouched
Was reexamining an older project when I found the line art for this. I didn't really know how digitally color back then so I didn't, but I decided to take a crack at it now. I'm really pleased with it and I look forward to returning to this and doing the illustrations for this story.

Download for a fun surprise.
Tumblr Post

Art and character belong to me

Cloudy days

  I don’t like cloudy days. Most people don’t I guess. I like it when it rains, which may be surprising for a phoenix, but I do. The rain nourishes the land, washes away the dirt and dust, and leaves everything bright and vibrant. Walking in nature after a good rain storm is so refreshing, everything thriving under the sun, the scents and sights so fresh. But cloudy days are all the darkness without the nourishment.

  Kathy and Rain are out collecting supplies before we head to the next town. It’s so quiet without them. Kathy can’t seem to go five minutes without making some kind of comment or staking her claim to me, and Rain always feels he needs to clarify what we’re going to do next. It’s really annoying, but we’ve been traveling togeather long enough that I’m used to it.

  I wonder what it’ll be like when we go our separate ways. Less food for certain, no nice inns and quality supplies. It’ll be just me again, trying to make my way. It’ll be quiet again, which’ll be nice, but I’ll be alone…

  Kathy’s voice announces her before she even reaches the hall. So much for quiet time.

  “Phoena!” She sings, bursting through the door with a large bag on her arm, her hood up to hide her ears.

  “Sorry we took so long,” Rain says, placing his own trio of bags by the door before closing it behind him. “I think our pursuers have found us again.”

  “Fantastic,” I sigh, deflecting Kathy as she tries to hug me. I’ve gotten so used to her attacks I block them on reflex. “I expect you’ll want to leave tonight, under cover of darkness.”

  “If we can,” he agreed, distributing the new supplies between our bags. “If it stays cloudy it’ll block the moon and make it easy to leave without being seen.”

  “Look what I got you, Phoena!” Kathy says, holding up a yellow dress that looked suspiciously like my size. I notice other simple cloths have spilled from her bag including some cloaks like the ones humans often wear when traveling.

  “What is that for?” I ask, a suspicion growing that I don’t like.

  Rain smiles at me. “Well, I was thinking a good way to lose our pursuers is to change our appearances a bit. You have to admit we aren’t the most inconspicuous group.”

  I wanted to argue, but I knew I couldn’t. Kathy’s personality alone drew lots of attention whenever we entered town and I knew my appearance lacked subtlety too. Rain was the most normal looking of us, and he wore more green then most trees. A change of clothes is probably a good idea, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  “And yellow is more subdued?” I ask, looking at the item in question, Kathy beaming at.

  Rain shrugs.

  “I picked it out!” Kathy says with great pride. “I know you’ll look great in it. Try it on.”

  She grabs my arm and forces me to my feet.

  “Hey,” I protest as she starts undoing my cloths. At least he isn't looking.

  Rain turns to face the door as Kathy starts striping me down. She’s surprisingly strong for a fairy and quick, getting me in and out of several outfits before I can gather myself to stop her. The whole afternoon is noise and busy as we try on cloths to find good disguises. Kathy is having way too much fun dressing me, but it gets my mind off the weather.

  Someday we’ll head our own ways. These noisy, annoying days will be over and I’ll get to look after myself again. I won’t have to worry about shadowy pursuers, disguises, noisy fairy cats, and snobby elves. I’ll be my own person and decide my own fate. But, if only to myself, I have to admit I’ll miss these days. When the clouds roll in without a rain drop to spare, and I’m stuck inside waiting for the sun, I’ll look back on these wild days. They’re annoying as hell, but someday they’ll be good memories.

  “I swear I will break your arm if you grab me there one more time, Kathy!”

  “But it’s so soft!”

  “You’re going to upset the inn keeper if you don’t quiet down.”

  Someday that’s very, very distant from right now.
The Phoenix Sonata contest entry
One of my favorite artists is holding a writhing and drawing contest. My art can't compete with the vast majority of people on this site, but I'm a pretty good writer. This is a quick piece about a random day in the lives of her three characters and I rather like it.

The contest rules are here

Writing by me
Characters belong to Rika-Dono
Dollie Danceing by Cat-Of-Energy
Dollie Danceing
My finished work, took me more time then I think I've ever spent on a single piece with no background. It's some of my best shade work and I'm really pleased. Especially the leg, it looks so cool.

Tumblr Post

Art and character belong to me
Self-portrait sketch by Cat-Of-Energy
Self-portrait sketch
I was having trouble writing and I just so happen to have a mirror in front of my desk; not joking here. My desk is in front of what used to be a recessed bookcase that had a mirror in the back. Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this and hope you guys like it too.

Tumblr Post

Art belongs to me

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