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Ok guys, I just got back from watching Tomorrowland and, guys, wow. You have to go see it.
Casey, the main character, is a joy. She's smart, optimistic, daring; she's a doer and doesn't stand idly by and let things happen on their own. She fights for herself and her friends, even though she's the least qualified and doesn't let anything stop her. She understands, she sees things as they are and what they could be, and is driven to find the best possible option. She's everything we should aspire to be...minus the part where she gets arrested.
Frank, George Clooney, is a character you'll recognize from your own life. He's an old genius, someone who used to be like Casey but has lost hope. Life has beaten him down, his heart and hope have been broken, and he just wants to live alone in his misery. But Casey reignites that spirit, that hope, and gets him moving. He shows that he hasn't lost that spark, that he's still a genius, and is there when the others need him.
Athena isn't in the trailer much, but she's a fantastic character. She's strong, driven, and absolutely crazy in her own way. Not a genius herself, she moves them along, keeps them going, and takes down anyone who stands in the way.
Hugh Laurie has always played really interesting characters and here is no exception. I can't explain much without giving away some plot, but trust that he's his usual smarmy self with some choice comic moments that are the reason he's so great to watch.
The city of Tomorrowland is wonderful and we get to see so much of it, even some of how it's built. The tech and crazy science involved is so breathtaking, and so on point for what the city is supposed to be.

But the reason I'm writing this all, why I want you got to see it, is because of what this movie really is. Walt Disney was a dreamer. He envisioned a world of peace, prosperity, and hope; that's why he built the parks. With every year we step farther and farther from that dream he had, the vision that he and many other dreamers and scientists strived for in their lives. This movie is their letter to us. This movie is a wake-up call. A call to arms for our generation and everyone who wants a bright future.

This movie will blow you away with it's effects and setting. The characters will touch your heart and inspire you. The recent trend in media is a ruined future, about the worst case scenario ravaging our world and us struggleing through to survive. We've come to accept that the future is bound to go wrong, that as bad as things are it's going to get worse. But that isn't the case.

The final message of Tomorrowland is this: We make the future, our destiny is in our hands, but only if we're willing to stand up and do something.

So go see this movie, take your friends, your family, even the guy down the street. Tell everyone you know to see it. Because this is not just a movie. It's everything.

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J. Story
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Exstremely boreing life. Lead to an overactive imagination. 8th grade: Suddenly can write. Now that's all I ever seem to do.


Kazeraida Lost by Cat-Of-Energy
Kazeraida Lost
My One piece OC for Self-Insert day.
Tumblr Post
Lost's written out Profile

I have several others I've been working on, I stupidly started late so I'l try to put them up once they're finished.

Lost Profile by Cat-Of-Energy
Lost Profile
The Profile and a good shot of Lost's Grapple Bracelet.
Really long, which is why it's not on my main Post for Lost.


Lost Profile

Kazeraida Lost
Age: 15
Hometown: unknown
Crew: Strawhats
Position: Scribe
Abilities: Wind rideing, gadgets, Becu Becu no Mi
Key Items: Book bag, wrist grapple hook, Kite board, "Log of the first Pirate King" vol 1-3
Notable Features: Exstremely light, without her bookbag and weighted jacket a strong wind can blow her away; scar on her side from the wreck.
Strengths: Flying, research, and making friends
Weakness: Easily cries, stairs on land, strong winds

Personality: A bright, cheerful soul, she's takes everything with a smile on her face. She loves to learn and tease people, especily Luffy and the boys. She can take critisisum and trash talk, but when someone is just trying to be mean she gets really upset, even if they miss the mark; its the intention that hurts her. She isn't oblivious to the bad things happening in the world. With all the bad things out there she believes a hero is needed to fix the world, but since she can't find one she'll have to be one. Luffy changes things.

History: Four years ago she was on a ship when it sunk under mysterious circumstances. As far as she knows she's the only survivor, but she lost all her memories and has no idea who she is, where she comes from, or why she was on the ship. She tried to trace herself back to someone who could tell her anything about herself, but the most she ever got was that she never told anyone she meet about herself.
With that line of questioning exsausted she followed the only other clue she had: a log book penned by a scribe who sailed with Gol D. Rodger, the first log from his final adventure to the end of the Grand Line. The sunken ship was headed to a Navy fort that is the primary crossing for their ships onto the Grand Line. All clues point to the Grandline so that's where she went. Following the logs she searched for information about herself, but never learned anything. She did, however, learn a great deal of the power struggle on the Grand Line, the history of Gol D. Rodger, three more log books, and that others want the logs to know what the late Pirate King knew.
During her travels she came across a small island terrorized by the commander of the local Navy Fort. He was from a powerful family and used every bit of his influence to make himself comfortable, often at the exspence of others. While Lost was looking for a ship out a heavily damaged pirate ship docked. The Navy took them prisoner, but the captain begged with the commander, offering him a treasure they had recently obtained: a devil fruit. The commander easily agreed and even had their ship repaired and restocked. The people dispaired, he was awful before and a devil fruit power would only makes things worse, so Lost decided he didn't need it. She stole the fruit and tried to make a run, but the Navy found it missing before she could get away. Not wanting to get caught with the fruit and have the Navy on her tail during her travels, she did the only thing she could: she ate it. The Navy never caught her and she left the island without incident.
When she was finally safe she tested her new ability. She found she could create boxes of any shape and weight, but that was about it. She could drop them on people, climb on them, but if they got too much of a shock they disppeared. Not as bad as it could have been, but not terribly useful. As she traveled she learned how to control and best use her ability, often testing it on Navy men and Pirates alike who hurt people. Over time the leagend of the "box Wizard" spread across the Grand Line, telling of a devil fruit that caused chaos where ever they went and was too cowardly to show his face; according to the Navy and their Wanted file. Considering her purpose on the Grand Line Lost never tried to correct anyone's image of her and even found it amuseing. Only a handful of people in the world know that Lost is the "Box Wizard" and she'd like to keep it that way.

Devil Fruit: Becu Becu no Mi, the Cube fruit. Paramecia.
With it Lost can create boxes of any weight, color, and size. Thus far she can make them levitate, move, catch things, and open the boxes to release what she catches. Aside from just droping them on people or catching things, her best move is to make things from large numbers of boxes such as walls, waves, stairs, and warriors. The space inside her boxes is mysterious, even she doesn't understand it, but she thinks learning the secret will unlock a greater power that could bring her to the Crew's level.

Fun facts:  As far as she can tell she's spent most if not all of her life on boats and is used to climbing stairs on a swaying ship. Because of this her sense of balance goes haywire on normal stairs and she'll often fall if she doesn't have a hand rail or someone to support her.
Among her possesions from the ship she found a strange kite-like contraption with a board and cords. Eventually she figured out that she could use it to ride strong winds like a bird.
Dureing her travels outside the Grand line she made a friend who, after seeing her fly, gave her her name. Others have tried to give her a "More suitable name", but until she finds her real name and history Kazeraida Lost feels perfect.
Beyond her devil fruit power she usualy fights with her grapple. She can trip people, use it as a whip, and grab objects to make a mace.
Her exstremely light body can be very dangerous. A strong breeze, the air from someone running by, or even the blowback from a powerful attack can knock her off her feet. To compensate her jacket is weighted to match how much a girl her size should weigh. Carrying that exstra wight, encludeing her over stuffed bag, has made her very strong. When she sheds her jacket she can move around as swiftly as the rest of the crew and is highly acrobatic, allowing her to move in ways the others can't; she's also very easy to carry like that. When it comes to stealth and spying she's the best on the crew, but she's also the most likely to be captured in a struggle. Everyone has had to rescue her at some point. Before one fight they even jokeingly took lots to see who would save her this time; she cried and they all felt bad.

Introduction story line
Robin meets Lost in a library and spots somthing troubleing in her bag. Hearing that Lost couldn't get on a ship to the next island Robin talks Luffy into letting her join them until then. She later admits to Brook that her motive is because she wants to know why Lost has a chart of Ponlyglyph Runes.
As they sail Lost easily befriends the crew and writes down all the stories she tells them. Robin tries to find out why Lost has the Poneglyph runes, but when she tries to look in her bag for answers she succeeds in isolateing Lost from the crew. When they arrive at the next island she makes her rushed goodbyes and leaves. Everyone is bothered by her goodbye and Luffy decides to go find her; he's considering inviteing her to join the crew.
As the crew looks for Lost they learn that the island has some serious problems. A man calling himself "The Piper" and his gang has taken over the govener's castle and demands tribute from the villagers. Anyone who can't pay is taken by his monsters to work off the debt; no one ever returns. If anyone tries to get in his way he has his monsters rampage and destroy the town. Luffy wants to do somthing, but the elders ask him not to. While they want the Piper and his goons gone they worry what he'll do somthing truely dispicable. The monsters are actually natives of the neighboring island, they had good relations, but they don't know how the Piper is forceing them to do his bidding. They also worry that if the piper gets made he'll call on the monster queen; a creature so big she can sink entire islands.
Repecting the elder's wishes the crew doesn't go after the Piper. They manage to get some supplies--not easy with the Piper's men bleeding the people dry--and spot Lost again...sneaking into the Piper's castle. They follow her in and learn that she knows how the Piper is controling the monsters. Luffy decides to go after the Piper and they start a big fight. Eventually Lost reveals that the Piper is useing a magic flute thought lost several years ago. She knows this because she read in the "Log of the first Pirate King". The first volume was the only clue she had to why she was heading to the Grand Line and so she's been following them. She's found two more and has learned a lot, encludeing that only a few people know about the logs and they're willing to kill to get them. That's why Lost freaked out when Robin looked in her bag.
They try to sneak for a while, but get spotted and have to fight their way through. They learn Lost has been doing this kind of thing all along the Grand Line. In the log she read of an age of heros, when people stood up for themselves, but they're afraid now. Pirates are as evil as the Navy claims and the World Government is corupt to it's core. No one is looking out for the people and until Lost can find the heros they need she'll be one. Of course, she soon learns that Luffy is that person. Lost helps the crew reach the Piper and his Flute. But the Piper gets his flute and plays one song before Luffy destroys it.
The song summons the Monster queen. She's larger then the island and only the Straw hat crew are there to stop her. It gets really bad and Lost uses her Devil Fruit power, Robin recognizing it from descriptions of the mysterious "Box Wizard" that has been causeing trouble all along the Grand line. With her help they calm the queen and she is able to take the monsters back to their island. The villagers reclaim their wealth and celebrate the crew.
The crew pripares to leave and as they are about to set off Lost wishes them well. She seems to want to say somthing, but holds back. She says good bye and Luffy asks her where she's going, she's part of the crew. Lost is moved to tear and joins them on their adventures.

Eventually Lost learns who she is and why she has the journals, but the will take some time.
Rebecca mega harvest 1 by Cat-Of-Energy
Rebecca mega harvest 1
Updating the look for my main character, Rebecca Starling. I'm having trouble deciding on one main look for her, so I'm considering doing several themed looks to fit the situation, and then eventually finding the Iconic outfit I'll use for the length of the series. I'm leaning towards each member of her company building or inspiring an outfit and her Iconic outfit being made from pieces of each one. I know, this is way too much story put into cloths, but I've always tended to think of the use, practicality, and reasoning behind an outfit. This often leads to long periods of frustration, but in the end I'm much happier with the result...unless it's hard to draw, then I might have to start from scratch.
Cast Harvest by Cat-Of-Energy
Cast Harvest
Trying to figure out the fashion look of my current project, I found this really interesting site.
Aside from being an interesting game series, the environment and character designs are amazing and I dug through the entire database looking for inspiration for this project. These are the ones I felt were a good starting point for my characters.

All the images come from the Atelier game series

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