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I'm selling outfit designs now. All the money will be going towards my next book series and advertisement, so please help me if you can.

I'll add more as I finish them.

Adoptable Folder here

$7/700 Point Charecter
Charecter adopt by Cat-Of-Energy

$9/900 point characters
Character Adopt Suit set [4 Open] by Cat-Of-Energy

$5/500 points oufits
Outfit Adopt 2 [Open] by Cat-Of-Energy Outfit Adopt Set [2 Open] by Cat-Of-Energy

$4/400 points outfits
Outfit Adopt 5 [Open] by Cat-Of-Energy Outfit Adopt 10 [Open] by Cat-Of-Energy

$3/300 points outfits
 Outfit Adopt 4 [Open] by Cat-Of-Energy

Note or Comment with "Here to Buy" with your preferred method of payment and name of adopt to buy.

I'm also available for commission featureing these designs. $5/500 points for a Lineart or $7/700 points for a simple colored piece.

For other adopts by other talented artists check this out place out.
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J. Story
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Exstremely boreing life. Lead to an overactive imagination. 8th grade: Suddenly can write. Now that's all I ever seem to do.


The Starling kids by Cat-Of-Energy
The Starling kids
A cute sketch of the hero of my "The Off Worlder" series, Rebecca Starling, with her little brother, Tood, and older cousin, Konani Bishop. I hope to make more for my series, but I've got other things to focus on right now so we'll see.

The Off Worlder folder
Tumblr Post

Art and charecters belong to me
My Merida in Action by Cat-Of-Energy
My Merida in Action
I feel like I've been neglecting you guys, but my dumb app won't let me post my drawings straight onto DA anymore. Uuuuuuugh
So I've been posting my crappy sketches on Tumblr if you want to see the rest. I intend to add more as the month goes on then post the good ones here.

So I came across this pose I wanted to give a try, but I didn't know who to draw. Then, inspiration: Merida! Oh, but wait, her dress will totally block the pose. Then I'll give her a modern appearance! And that's how this happened. It's a much better design then I could have come up with if I intentionally tried, which is...weird, and depressing. Anyway, I adore her and I'm going to keep going as long as I can.

Here's the tumblr post

Art and design by me
Merida belongs to Disney and Pixar
Headshot testing by Cat-Of-Energy
Headshot testing
So, I'm getting close to publishing my book, but now comes the horrifying part where I have to start making solid decisions. And one of the first is how to finish the Illustrations.
The easiest and fastest is 5, simple coloring the sketches. But it's also the sloppiest.
The nicest looking is 1, more complex shading. It is also the most time consuming because as as cleaning up line art I have to go over every shaded area three times as well as putting in extra effects. I'll probably be using it for the cover.
The rest are kind of middle ground, I could finish a few illustrations a day using any of them, but 4 is the easiest of them.
Ugh, I just don't know! Thankfully I still have a few more days of editing to so I can think on it.

If you have an opinion don't be afraid to share. <3

Thanks for listening to my ranting, I'll probably move this into scraps once I've finished them all. I do intend to finish them all once the book is published.

Art and character belong to me
Character Adopt Suit set [4 Open] by Cat-Of-Energy
Character Adopt Suit set [4 Open]
I started these before my vacation at the end of August...I have no excuse, I just never got around to them until now.
There's not much thought behind the designs, they're just suppose to be a team based on the common card suits. The only other thought I had concerning their designs is that I wanted different colors then what people usually do with this theme and I most definitely didn't want to do the standard red heart. I also can't explain why my larger models are both black while the skinny ones are white, and as I'm supposed to be working on something else I don't feel I have the time to change it; sorry.

You can change their skin tones, hair, eye color, outfit colors, some details, and even the suits, whatever you want so long it isn't so different it's unrecognizable; cause then what's the point in buying it then?

You can buy them separately or all together.

Individual price: $9/900 points
All together price: $33/3300 points

Club: Available
Heart: Available
Diamond: Available
Spade: Available

You can commission me to do a Customized Lineart for another $5/500 Points per charecter or a colored piece for another $7/700 Points per character.

Note or Comment with "Here to Buy" with your preferred method of payment.


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Question, where's the base for your adoptions?
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I made them myself so they aren't anywhere online yet. I haven't posted them because they're distressingly sketchy, but when I get back from vacation I'll polish them up for use. <3
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YAY~! You take your time!
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Got them, files on their way to you.
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I would like to buy some of your clothes please~!
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