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Alivia's spell by Cat-Of-Energy
Alivia's spell
An older piece I never got around to posting. This is Alivia, the lead in my far, far future novel "My River Prince". I can't write it now for many reasons, but I look forward to the day I can.
The story starts out focusing on Alivia, her true love, and the small group of people they interact with. Once they get together their world starts expanding as they come out as a couple and begin dealing with the politics of their position as Aristocrats. They build a family, forge friendships and alliances, and then their enemies come to cause trouble. One incident uncovers Alivia's latent magical power and she becomes a sorcerer's heir, granting her great power. This is a moment that will likely happen, where someone has hurt one of her children and she looses it.

There's so much I could say about this story, even just about fashion and government, but I won't do that to you guys.

Tumblr Post

My art, my character, my stuff.
My dress Power by Cat-Of-Energy
My dress Power
Whenever I don't know what to do with a pose I've drawn I just draw myself now, which is fun. The crystal is made using a tutorial I can no longer find, but I have it saved and it makes fabulous crystals.

I figured out several new and wonderful things with this drawing.
1- New foot style that makes drawing 1000000% easier (I never realized how difficult the feet were until I tried this)
2- New ratio that makes cute drawings
3- New way of handling line art. I ink the sketches on paper and then scan them for line art, but no matter what they always look really scratchy and yuck. But if I use the color erase tool I can get just the lines, magic wand the blank space and invert selection, and then "Refine selection" I can mess with settings and stuff until it looks like real line art. I bucket it solid and get a smooth, wonderful line art.
4- New way of coloring line art. I learned to digital color from a friend who would scribble on the color and then clean up the excess. This works if you have a drawing tablet, but I work with a mouse. A few tutorials showed using the lasso and polygon selection tool to color, which I finally tried and it works wonderfully.
5- New way of shading. I use the lasso and polygon tool again and then refine the line to give it a soft edge, which also allow me to make dramatic shines that look so much better.
6- backgrounds don't need to fill the whole canvas to look good. The scribble style is great fun for background and I'm using it for my book illustrations.

That's all. Hope you guys like.

Tumblr Post

Pose came from the lovely Kaya-snapdragon
Art and everything else by me
Blay: Momo W.I.P. by Cat-Of-Energy
Blay: Momo W.I.P.
Blay for Earth, I honestly don't know what it is about this story but it just keeps coming back. I think I have like 7 different versions of this story in vain attempts to revive it. My latest attempt was by far my best, but aside from some character personalities and names it had nothing in common with the original story. So that's become it's own thing that I will get to writing once I get traction in this business. Meanwhile, I've gone back to the original story and just cleaned up the clutter.

The original Blay story only ever had one thing wrong with it: it was too complicated. There were too many arcs, too many characters to keep track of, too much angst, too much weird, it just had too much. So I've streamlined it down it's best elements and sketching out the plot while I'm also on this mad drawing binge.

About this drawing

Okay, not too long ago I promised my adorable but lonely fan comica2-0 that when I got serious about this project my first design would be Momo. Well, I am as good as my word.

For now it's just the flat colors, but once I've checked a few of my book illustrations off my list I'll finish it. When that happens I'll also be moving this into my scraps.

I'm still not quite sure this is what I want to be the magical outfits for the girls, but I'm going to go ahead and draw a few of the others to help me decide. In the end the new designs will either this or slight re-dressing of the original outfits. I'm finally giving Hera pants so she'll stop complaining.

There were dozens of color experiments to get this one (my fave) and for some bazaar reason I decided to post them so you can all see them.
Momoko black study Momoko Full color study
Momoko color study Blay color study 1
Blay color study 2 Blay color study 3
Blay Color Study 4 Blay Color Study 5

Art, character, and all that by me
Pose referenced here: Bases For Bases 6

My sister made a shop on Etsy. She's got some cool accessories and amazing photographs up for sale.

Check it out!


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Exstremely boreing life. Lead to an overactive imagination. 8th grade: Suddenly can write. Now that's all I ever seem to do.

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